1. Did you know that in 1902 Willis Carrier invented the first factory air cooler, but not for comfort. He worked for a publishing company and was tired of his paper expanding and his ink running during the summertime. 

2. In 1929 Herbert Hoover was the first president to have the luxury of AC, and spend 30,000 on the system.

3. Before Air Condition it was to hot for children to learn during the summer months, and that’s how summer vacation was thought of. Thankfully the idea stuck!

4. An HVAC system that is properly installed and maintained will last about 10-15 years

5. In the 1940s a window unit could cost roughly $350. That is $3,500 in todays dollars.

6. Do you close air vents in lesser untilized rooms in your home? Closing these vents to lower the cost of your power bill is a myth! This will actually increase your power bill due to a decrease in the HVAC systems efficiency, putting more pressure on you systems compressor, resulting in possible break down of  your HVAC system.

7. Move Theaters were some of the first establishments to have Air Conditioning, to attract more customers. It worked wonders!

8. The first car with air conditioning was established in 1913 and took up half the trunk space.

We hope you enjoyed some fun facts about HVAC systems! The one invention that keeps our families here in Arizona the hottest state, COOL for all our summer days! 

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